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BMW 3 Series 4dr Car Alarm OEM and Aftermarket

BMW 3 Series 4dr Car Alarm OEM and Aftermarket

Advanced and iconic vehicle such as BMW cannot be left out unprotected on the street and that’s for sure. That’s why for any serious BMW owners must have a new OEM BMW car alarm. There is also no way a BMW in his full conscious mind is going to leave his car out in the street without a custom aftermarket BMW car alarm being equipped and that is why a post factory BMW car protection system will keep your ride safe. While protecting is the number one task of a custom part of a BMW alarm, that doesn’t mean there can’t be some convenience feature packed into the package as well. There are types of BMW 3 series car alarms such as; The Plug-In Alarm/ Keyless and CL E36, E34, E32, And Z3, which is a system that will protect your vehicle over theft and vandalism and with a push of a button on your stylish, flip key remote. This system will monitor the doors, hood, trunk, glass towing and any vibration that is detected by the shock sensor. The alarm also comes with a starter disable and fuel pump protection and the flashing LED that warns away intruders but if the car is being violated the alarm will be triggered and the lights will flash and activates the double lock feature for added security. As for this you will enjoy a keyless feature which allows you to lock and unlock the doors and trunks. With a push of a button using the stylish remotes plus the comfort locking feature, it will allow you to roll up the windows and close the sunroof by the use of the remote. The best part of this is that it plugs directly into your BMW alarm port for easy installation. Most BMW are pre wired for security system but it usually has stickers in the trunk to indicate if your BMW is pre wired for security purpose. Depending on the year and the model of your vehicle, the alarm will be located in the following areas; behind the glove box, under the rear seat or any other locations. To find out if your BMW has the comfort locking feature, leave a window open, close the door and turn the key to take the lock position from the outside of the driver’s door and if the window roll up then that will be the correct system for your car. Other alarms systems for the BMW 3 series 4dr are Keyless LCD Car Alarms – 72-99115 which is universal and you need to have power lock system to install this. And 1.3 LCD Color Camera Alarm Engine Start which is so interesting in that it sends you pictures of the state of your car and if someone is tapping your car it will send you pictures and imagine how fun and easy it could be!! So as an owner of the BMW 3 series 4 dr be cool and feel cool by protecting your car with this car alarms and always feel secure.