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BMW 5 Series Car Alarm OEM and Aftermarket

BMW 5 Series Car Alarm OEM and Aftermarket

The BMW 5 series car alarm is one of the most necessary and important devices the BMW owner must possess, in order to properly take care of his or her car. The rate and frequency at which cars are being stolen nowadays present a very alarming picture to all car owners, and with good reason. The statistics say that there is a car stolen within the US once every few seconds. It is, therefore, not at all surprising that good quality car alarms are of a premium nowadays. The better the alarm, the more secure the car is, and thus the more peaceful the owner is. A car is a very important investment in the life of an individual. It stands for not only the hard work and earnings of the person, but also symbolically for the station of a person in his or her life. A car signifies that its owner has now reached a particular stage of life, which offers him security and the chance to now enjoy his or her earnings. Thus, this investment must be very well protected. An alarm is the most basic device that will go a long way to protect the car from theft. The BMW 5 series car alarm is connected to a siren that produces a noticeable sound whenever the car is opened or tampered with by anyone else but the owner. These alarms come in various types, suiting the customer's needs, and making sure that the customer's car is secure and well protected. The BMW 5 series car alarm comes with many customizable features. For one, they can be the basic remote activated types, where if anything but the owner's key tries to open the car, the alarm automatically is activated and the ignition gets disconnected. Other types of alarms come with inbuilt cameras, in built paging systems that inform the owner in case he or she is away from his or her car at that moment. Alarms with the capability to track the car's progress if it is stolen are also easily available. So is radio alarms that can be manage by the owner from a long distance. These alarms also come with a motion detecting capability – that is, they can detect any inappropriate movement around the car and the owner can be immediately warned. Some alarms also come equipped with a strobe light function, which means that the minute the security of the car is compromised, along with the blaring sound; the alarm also releases bright strobing lights in order to draw more attention to the ongoing theft. Some of the BMW 5 series car alarm systems also are meant for the security of specific parts of the car, such as the music system, the spoilers or the hubcaps, the loss of which can cause quite a lot of monetary damage for the car owner. The BMW 5 series car alarm is necessary have for every car owner. They give the owner a lot of security by protecting their precious car. They come in a variety of attractive prices and packages, thus enabling the owner to choose one that perfectly suits his or her needs.