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BMW Suspension

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BMW 5 Series Suspension OEM and Aftermarket

BMW 5 Series Suspension OEM and Aftermarket

BMW 5 Series vehicles were introduced with double pivot type Macpherson strut modelled suspension systems thereby providing capabilities for both pinion and rack steering systems. The focus of BMW 5 Series Suspension was to offer weight reductions along with quick steering response. However, replacing these suspension systems became a costly affair due to the kind of price charged by dealers of these parts. We recognize this difficulty and offer the best for our clients making sure that we fulfil their needs. The suspension systems that we offer in the BMW 5 Series range will allow you to complete steering from the front side of the axle giving you smooth riding capabilities. The struts present in the BMW 5 Series Suspension will have the necessary aluminium based tension link allowing greater steering capabilities under difficult surface conditions. The main emphasis is related to safety while delivering you with the suspension system. We also make sure that your vehicle can meet and take up challenges posed by difficult surface or weather conditions. The BMW 5 Series Suspension has maintained the necessary design specifications with height regulations as necessary for your vehicle. Sensors have been put in place to have a constant measurement of the distance between the street and the rear axle of the vehicle. This is important since it allows constant clearance while promoting both agility and safety for the vehicle. The heavier front portion is compensated with the use of aluminium in rest of the parts attached to the suspension system. The main area where you will be able to locate these struts is through the thrust link connecting the rear portion to meet the back wheel of your vehicle. The rear suspension portion has been created according to necessary specifications that offer four-link integral rear suspension in your vehicle. With the use of BMW 5 Series Suspension, there exists the possibility of toe angle changes along with stable and responsive handling while on the roads. The unwanted toe change effects in the vehicle has been easily negated while making sure that sufficient load has been achieved for allowing the vehicle to move smoothly on the road. The suspension system available in our collection has been strengthened with anti-roll kits for making sure that your vehicle can achieve the necessary smoothness while on the road. These systems provide strength and performance for your vehicle along with sufficient increase of cornering grip for the vehicle. When you require the best BMW 5 Series Suspension at economical price, it is important to make sure that you approach the right dealers. Our services will make sure that you get the best for your needs so that there is better handling performance for your vehicle. With the kind of suspension systems provided by us, it is possible to reduce squat while ensuring smoothness during intense cornering. The other benefits include high quality and tensile strength based springs for stiff support along with comfort on the road. We offer durability with our BMW suspension systems for your vehicle, which will ultimately boost up performance under difficult surface conditions.