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BMW 6 Series Car Alarm OEM and Aftermarket

BMW 6 Series Car Alarm OEM and Aftermarket

It is obvious that if you have something which is very expensive and smart enough to drive some one crazy, it is always under the risk of getting stolen. BMW 6 Series is also one of those precious things you may have. If you are the owner of BMW 6 Series then you must have thought something about securing it from the lustful eyes. You must have many options in your mind but what could be more desirable than the company’s own system to protect its car. Yes BMW 6 Series Car Alarm system has the ability to trace the theft. With this alarm system your car is protected with the remote central locking and you can also add the other security options if you wish so. The most valuable thing in this alarm system is the option of a tracking device, air bags and electronic stabilizing devices etc. Some of the BMW 6 Series Car Alarms are: KEYLESS LCD CAR ALARM - 72-99115, 1.3 LCD Color Camera Alarm Engine Start, 3D car alarm/remote starter (full kit), Alarm - Keyless Entry - 3703B, Alarm - Keyless Entry - 72-99113, Flip Key Alarm System, Option Racing Car Alarm Siren - 72-99111, Option Racing Car Alarm System - 72-99112s, Option Racing Car Alarm System - 72-99113, Option Racing Car Alarm System - 72-99115, Option Racing Motorcycle Alarm System - 72-99116, Speaker Loudspeaker Siren, World Imports Remote Alarm & Starter Kit with 2 - Two Way Pagers - CC6000 and last but not least World Imports Remote Alarm with 2 to 4 Button Transmitters - CC1000 Following is a quick overview of two alarm systems to give you a full picture of this BMW 6 Series Car Alarm: BMW 6 Series Car Alarm KEYLESS LCD CAR ALARM - 72-99115 - This car alarm includes 2 four-bottom multi-channel transmitters which include the necessary wires for the complete installation. Some of its features are: 2 Four button auto-code grabbing transmitters and 4 Channel code teaching, programmable receiver, Adjustable shock sensor and remote arming / disarming, Silent arming and door trigger, Parking light flasher and Car-finder, Remote Door lock / unlock as well as auto unlock when ignition off, Led status indicator (Blue) and Emergency override and Last door arming and remote trunk release. 1.3 LCD Color Camera Alarm Engine Start - To give you another overview BMW 6 Series 1.3 LCD Color Camera Alarm Engine Start is the example of BMW 6 Series Car Alarm and the details are very interesting and you will love to have this one in your precious car. The details include 2-way remote control with color LCD Monitor and 4-Button remote control, Dual Stage Shock Sensing and door Open Sensing, Trunk/hood open sensing and starter Kill output, Park Light Flashing and dome Light supervision, Remote Engine Start and turbo Timer and Factory alarm bypasses output and optional Sensor input and 2 Aux Outputs. So with the advancement in technology it is easy to cover the security issues by investing few dollars for this purpose. Visit our online store and find out the best deals on BMW 6 Series accessories.