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BMW 7 Series Accessories OEM and Aftermarket

BMW 7 Series Accessories OEM and Aftermarket

The BMW seven series is an exceptionally exotic and impressive car! The BMW seven series accessories package comes with a complete line of car electronics, from power window conversion kits to FM 2 way car alarms. The lighting section of the vehicle is complete with the latest replacement lights that improve the ride at night and contribute to the safety factor in today’s a bit dear cars with LED taillights and HID headlights. The BMW seven series accessories provided by us have the comfort access feature that is capable of recognizing the driver as they approach. The boot and doors can be opened, and the engine can be started with the press button. When one moves away from the vehicle, the doors lock automatically and reopen only until the next drive! The spaciousness of the rare seat of the BMW seven series accessories offers maximum comfort that is quite unique. The four- zone automatic air conditioning allows the passengers who sit at the back to individually control their temperature. The contour that is optional, allows for an even brighter interior while a multi-purpose and innovative wind deflector maximizes the sound effect of the contour roof. The optional comfort seats both the driver and front passengers are available with a massage function. The rotation and massage bubbles help to relax the passenger’s thorax, shoulders and lumbar spine. The climate control seats are equipped with vents that will feed cool air into the seat and backrest surface. This is ideal especially on hot summer days. Active seats are also available in our online store, whereby the seat bottom moves up and down at intervals to mobilize the passenger’s muscles around the lumbar spine and hips to prevent any fatigue. The BMW seven series tracker accessories allow the driver to reach their destination quicker with professional navigation system. The 10.2-inch and high-resolution display provides for the seven series gives detailed information and a more comprehensive overview of the car’s direction. The full screen map display, including a 3D option allows one to see photo-realistic images of locations that provide orientation points on one’s journey. The voice control feature enables one to change destination without taking the hands of the wheel. Congestion problems are distinctly marked out in color in the navigation system and an alternative route is suggested. The BMW seven series accessories Bluetooth option interface, which you can find in our online store, provides a wireless connection between the vehicle and Bluetooth enabled mobile phones. The phones are operated through the hands-free kit, multifunction steering wheel, voice control or even Idrive controller depending on the individual’s vehicle. Our sales representatives will be happy to inform you about which mobile devices and equivalent software versions are compatible with the Bluetooth interface. The vehicle has a cordless handset in the rear that allows one to disengage private telephone conversations from the other passengers. Further, by placing a SIM card in the GSM snap-in adaptor, one can access all the telephone numbers in the mobile phone. The Bluetooth option can be used to access the mobile phone’s contacts. This serves as a better alternative to the mobile phone’s SIM card.