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BMW 7 Series Car Brakes OEM and Aftermarket

BMW 7 Series Car Brakes OEM and Aftermarket

Replacing the BMW 7 series car brakes is one of the easiest jobs to perform on the vehicle. In general, one should replace the car’s brake pads after covering about every 10,000 miles. The replacement should be done if the material lining of the pad is worn down enough to trigger the pad replacement sensor. More often than not, people do not inspect their pads and usually wait until they see the little brake warning lamp appear on the dashboard. Pad replacement is critical and inspection of the discs should be done as soon as the warning lamp turns on. If the warning lamp is ignored, one may get to the point of metal on metal contact, where the metal backing of the pads may be contacting the BMW 7 series car brake discs. Using the brakes during this condition will not only give the driver inadequate braking, but will also begin to wear grooves in the BMW 7 series car brake discs. Once the discs are grooved they get damaged and there is almost no way to repair them. Resurfacing will sometimes work, but often the groove cut will be deeper than the specified BMW limits. BMW 7 series car brake pads should only be replaced in pairs, which you can find in our site. The replacement of both front and rear pads should be done alternately. The same rule applies to the BMW seven series car brake discs that should be checked each time one replaces their brake pads. The procedure for replacing pads on all the wheels is the same. There are slight configuration disparities between the front and a rear brake, but ideally the procedure for replacement is similar. Part of the joy in hurtling the BMW seven series around tight hairpin turns and accelerating through traffic knows that the BMW 7 series car brakes are right there to help one stop in a hurry. From our online products, BMW brakes are some of the best in the world. However, it takes regular maintenance to keep them in tiptop shape. Part of this regular maintenance means of course replacing the BMW brake before the pads begin to eat into the brake disc. We are a one-stop shop for all your BMW brake part needs. We stock BMW seven series brake pads and brake rotors for a wide variety of models including the BMW seven series. All of our BMW brakes are of high quality, so you are essentially restoring your BMW brakes back to their factory fresh condition. To crown it all, our prices on the brakes are lower than you will find anywhere. The following parts are critical brake replacement components: Front pads, rear pads, factory spin-balanced rotors x 4, rear right brake sensor, front left brake sensor, hex key screws x 4 (provide month/year of the BMW seven series and 1-2 quarts brake fluid. There is more to BMW brakes than just rotors, pads and calipers though. The hydraulic systems are designed to provide a good pedal feel without mushy or too tight.