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BMW 8 Series Car Audio Video OEM and Aftermarket

BMW 8 Series Car Audio Video OEM and Aftermarket

BMW 8 Series Car Audio Video has total power speed of 160 MPH and that is V8 and V12 double door car built from the period of 1989 – 1999. Some people consider BMW 8 series car audio video as the successor of the 6 series of BMW which was built in 1989 but this is not true because the entire product is new and the worth of this product is nearly USD 100,000 in today’s market. Furthermore the BMW 8 Series Car Audio Video includes Stereo’s Systems, Amplifiers, Subwoofers, Navigation System and LCD Monitors. This is a classical piece of machine, which are 4000 watts RMS Power Ratings Amplifiers. 1500 watts RMS x 1 at 4 ohms, 3000 watts RMS x 1 at 2 ohms, 4000 watts RMS x 1 at 1 ohm Para-Punch bass EQ (0-18 dB) with variable centre frequency between 35-70 Hz. Remote control MEHSA -Higher Performance Thermal management is designed for the extra consistent thermal stability. There is MOSFET power supplies and the outputs TOPAZ – Circuit for eliminating engine noise NOMAD. This allows one amplifier to control the 2nd amplifier’s gain. So be proud to have this amplifier, which gives your stereo a new turn to become unique and powerful amplifier among the thousands of other amplifiers. These capacitors are available in different parts in the market like 1 farad, 2 farad and 5 farad capacitors in BMW 8 Series. We provide the best product for the maximum satisfaction of our customers and we are working very hard to fulfil our desire of getting billions of satisfied customers all around the world. That is why these products are hand picked and are entirely of the great quality and standards. One of the accessories of BMW 8 Series audio video is receivers, which are of great quality, as well; you can play whatever you wish to with the help of this receiver. With the capabilities of DVD and TV the BMW 8 series audio video and the facility of LCD screens, these are wonderful and friendly to use. Anyone who sits in your car for one minute will ask you to give him or her ride again in a melodious environment. There are many varieties available in our outlet and you can select whatever you wish to install in your BMW 8 series car, so give us a call or visit our outlet for this wonderful product. Do not worry if you are lost and are trying to find the right way to reach your destination; just let the BMW 8 series Navigation System to find route for you. Be proud to have a life without worries and live your life in a stylish way with it. Do not go for the cheap products available in the market, if you have a priceless BMW car then do not put bad marks on your standard; just go for BMW 8 Series Car Audio Video and make your life more comfortable with our unique and extreme quality product.