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BMW 8 Series Performance Parts OEM and Aftermarket

BMW 8 Series Performance Parts OEM and Aftermarket

Although the BMW 8 Series did succeed a BMW 6 Series car in the market, it was not actually produced to become its successor to the throne. The BMW 8 Series, whose chassis code is E31, was made with a new concept in mind and for a different market than the earlier release of a BMW automobile. The BMW 8 Series clearly had better performance on the road compared to the BMW 6 Series and it had a higher purchase price, too. The first release for the Super car series was the 850i that had a 5-liter M70B50 V12 engine back in 1991. Unfortunately, the use of BMW 8 Series performance parts bloated the price of the already expensive automobile and with the global recession just around, the sales got extremely affected. BMW then opted to use a 3-liter V8 engine instead and produced the 830i cars. Still, the cars did not sell as much as they had expected and the 830i models were dropped to give way to the production of the 840Ci models. The model was released in two different engines. During its production from 1993 to 1995, the 840Ci was assembled using 4-liter M60B40 engines. Later on, the BMW 8 Series performance parts were changed and a 4.4-liter M64B44 engine was used. This gave the car better performance in terms of fuel economy and torque. However, the power output for both engines was still the same. Another BMW 8 Series release included the 850Ci where the M73B54 engine was installed. According to rumours, BMW attached the ā€œCā€ to the car model to differentiate the BMW 8 Series from the BMW sedans. The 850CSi is another release from BMW that sported the new engine model coded as the S70B56. The car also used many BMW 8 Series performance parts which contributed to the reduction of its car height, wider wheels, better aerodynamic performance and stiffer springs. Unfortunately, the production of the car model had to discontinue because it cannot keep up with the new emission regulations unless it was extensively modified. Modifying the BMW 8 Series is not anymore new ā€“ even while it is being conceptualized and produced, some of the parts were changed to give the car a better performance. Now, even though the BMW 8 series is not anymore in production, many car owners are still looking for any BMW 8 Series performance parts. Those who want to ensure that their BMW 8 Series cars always work with high performance brakes would surely want to purchase brake kits that we are selling here, especially if the car has travelled a long distance already. A great working gauge is also necessary for any BMW 8 Series car, especially if it has upgraded turbo. Accuracy is a must if you love to live the life in the fast lane. Other BMW 8 Series performance parts that you might also want to purchase include air intake systems, chrome and sport grilles, LED and neon tubes which you can install under the car, racing seats, sports pedals, bumper lenses and so much more. You do not have to go anywhere else because we have the best deals right here!