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BMW X6 Body Kits OEM and Aftermarket

BMW X6 Body Kits OEM and Aftermarket

BMW X6 series is not less than super cars. The maker have researched well and enough. They are bringing all kinds and types of engines in this series including the petrol, diesel and electric cars. Let us talk about the diesel engines from X6 series here. The diesel engine based models are only two from this X6 series. In addition, they are xDrive30d, xDrive35d. Both of these models have same displacement of 2993 cc and they use same inline 6 cylinder. You can run 220 and 236 kilometers per hour with these xDrive30d, xDrive35d models. It will take you 8.0 and 6.9 seconds respectively to gain a 100 kilometers per hour speed. The fuel consumption is 8.2 and 8.3 liters respectively for 100 kilometers of run. In the X6 series the brand BMW for the first time introduced Dynamic Performance System. It refers to the all wheel drive system, which is also known as xDrive. It works in a dual mode of driving and chassis controlling whereby the driving forces are actively spread to all wheels. The torque of the car is also distributed at front and rear along with sides. The reason for such distribution is to gain stability with velocity. You can consider it as a unique system to accelerate and to decelerate your car. The body will remain stable every time with agility. The body of this specially made car series requires notable mentioning. Because in this series BMW has successfully incorporated the luxury car concept into a sports car concept. This is the reason the car have sloppy rooftop with five door hatch back body style. Proper weight balance is respected as such that the X6 series car models can easily please you with robust driving and riding experience on all kinds of landscape and off-roads. Especial body kits and parts are used in making this series car model, which are not widely available. In case you need to replace your existing body kits or you have deep desire to upgrade your car, then you need to visit our collection of BMW X6 series body kits because, we only deal with BMW parts, accessories and equipments. We know what kind and types of body kits will rightly suit on your BMW car. We know what the inherent philosophies beside each model are and range series of BMW. We know which item can keep you stylist in the future. Therefore we will give you the right pick. Visit our BMW X6 series body kits collection where all the items you find are custom made and specifically suitable for the X6 series car models. No matter whether your engine is petrol, diesel or electric fuel based, we have the ultimate match for your car. Consult our expert professionals to help you in choosing and selecting the right body kits for your car. We have simplified your body kit buying for X6 series. We have everything in this section that you can consider to use to upgrade your car as all items come with their original qualities!