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BMW X6 Fog Lights OEM and Aftermarket

BMW X6 Fog Lights OEM and Aftermarket

BMW X6 series hit the market in 2008. However, its development was in process from earlier time. The brand maker first introduced the concept of X6 series in Frankfurt Auto Show in 2007. Experiencing the public enthusiasm for the car, the maker moved in to production in 2008, the next year from its concept exposition. At the same year of its mass production, the series was again publicly displayed in Detroit and Montreal auto show. From these shows, the North America’s crowds have overwhelmingly responded to the car series. From its ancestor the X5 series, X6 series have four persons sitting capacity and low height. There are similarities between X6 and X5 series. However, the sterling features of X6 series makes it easily distinguishable from others. X6 series was put into production replacing the production line of X5 series. Both of the series have seemingly similar platforms. The series brought a variant, which is known as ActiveHybrid. It is the hybrid version of SAC exposed to public 2009. This model is known as X6M version. This special hybrid SAC has capabilities for 555 horsepower, 4.4 liter turbocharged V8 engine. The model ranges of X6 series is divided based on their fuel consumption. You will find petrol engines as well as diesel engines and hybrid in this series. They come with excellent engines, looks and lights. Consider the fog lights used in this series. These fog lights are not like ordinary fog lights with yellow hue. These fog lights are special kind that emits high intensity light with low but frequent beaming. The projector layout of the fog lights can ensure clear visibility to extended distances and focus and brightness of these fog lights can penetrate the thinnest layers of fogs covering the streets and vision. You can get such lights for your car. They are good upgrading option for your car. To buy such fog lights for your X6 series car models, visit our BMW X6 series fog lights collection. Here we have collected all original fog lights that are custom made to use on X6 series sports activity coupe cars. We have collected them from their actual manufacturer or built them our own. We conduct double quality testing of these fog lights. We know quality performance is the ultimate standing point for our products than pricing. Therefore we ensured quality at first and then made our offer to you with best pricing deals online. Therefore, customers buying from our BMW X6 series fog lights collection are secured with quality and satisfied with the price. This is the reason we experience huge and growing public demands for our lights! Our lighting collections are nation’s best products to get and add on their cars. If you have not yet upgraded your X6 series sports activity coupe cars, buy the fog lights now from our BMW X6 series fog lights collection. Get your driving uncompromised in the thinnest layer of fogs with our BMW X6 series fog lights! From our collection you will only get best of bests fog lights ever created!