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BMW Headlights

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BMW X6 Headlights OEM and Aftermarket

BMW X6 Headlights OEM and Aftermarket

The X6 series hybrid version, the X6M require a notable mentioning. It comes with twin scroll twin turbocharged engine. It has Cylinder-bank Comprehensive Manifold (CCM) technology with the engine. It can produce 680 NM torque, 547 horsepower at 408 KW. This model is superior performer than the other two petrol models. X6M is stylist car. It comes with aluminum pull style paddles on the steering wheel, six speed automatic engine transmission system, M Dynamic Mode feature and lower adaptive drive suspension. It also comes with 4 piston calipers for front and rear. Special grills are used in this car model. It has 20 inches wheel alloy both at front and read. It is an up market item and will be offered in 2010. The first curtain raiser of the series held in 2009 in New York auto show for this car. It performed great in 2009 MotoGP. At the last quarter of 2009 the BMW introduced it another extension from the X6 series, which is known as ActiveHybrid X6. It has hybrid power train from global hybrid cooperation that is more widely known as two-mode hybrid system. Till to date this car is world’s most powerful hybrid car. Again for this model, the maker has no plan for marketing or selling the same in European market. All the units are going directly to US market. It requires electric power supply as its fuel. It comes with high definition high intensity discharge lighting systems. These headlights are capable to produce low beam high frequency lights. Therefore, you will experience a stream of better light, which is better in all senses like focus and brightness. You can consider changing and replacing those headlights and headlamps to style up your car. Replacing and changing the headlight of your BMW X6 series car can make the spectator of your car to lost in wonder. To get such kinds of headlights visit our BMW X6 series headlights collection. We have the best kind of headlight in our collection that will be the right fit and choice for your car. With our year’s long experience in providing parts, equipments and accessories for BMW brand, we know what your car is missing and which parts can help it to greatly enhance its impact presence. Our collection offers you all original headlights, lamps, bulbs, lighting kits, wiring kits, lighting systems. It is rich in offering you diverse collection of headlights for your super sports car. Your luxury and sporting activities will get enhanced and clearer vision with the headlights from our BMW X6 series headlights collection. We source out items from their sole makers or build them own. We offer only quality and quality without compromise. This is the reason that we are growingly popular. Our headlights are your best option for upgrading your car at affordable prices. They are easy to fit and you will not need expert helps to put them on your car. With simple use, elegant design, best performance qualities and affordable prices, you keep enjoying your car upgrading. Visit our BMW X6 series headlights collection to give your best look it deserves.