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BMW Z1 Accessories OEM and Aftermarket

BMW Z1 Accessories OEM and Aftermarket

BMW Z1 series was first introduced in 1989 -1991 season. The aim was to bring some more roadster class automobiles for the consumers. The series delivered cars that are all built on BMW E30 platform. The engine used in the series is 2.5L BMW M2 0B25 16. The cars from the series were ideally limited to a length of 154 inches, width 66 inches and height 48 inches. Like their other products the designing of the car tried to balance the 50:50 weight ratio. These cars are two seater roadster model. Their door is designed to open towards downward. A total of 8000 pieces of cars were produced under BMW Z1 series. and most of these cars, majority amount was sold to european market in countries like France, Italy, Germany. The curtian raiser of the Z1 concept held in Frankfurt Motor Show in 1986. since the unveiling, the look of the car and performance features had created epoch excitement among the crowds. The pressure was so huge that BMW received more than 5000 pieces ordered even before they set a production line for the series. By naming the series Z1, BMW tried to look at future as the german meaning of the abbreviated word is ‘future’. For any type of future car you need to keep it on roll by taking proper care for the car and maintaining its accessories. BMW Z1 series accessories cover a wide list of items like shift knobs, brake pedals, emblem, interior trim, exterior trim, center caps, valve caps and LED lighting kits. For a especially made car you must not get ordinary, cheap and contemporary accessories. Try to collect the original equipments. We have all the accessories available for BMW Z1 series in our collect. Our collection of BMW Z1 series accessories is your last resort where you can find all the accessories collected from their original equipment manufacterers and are specially made to perform like the originals. They will equally match with color of your car and will keep you running faster than the rest. They will ensure ease in driving the car. You cannot miss to check our BMW Z1 series accessories collection. We have it all, you tell the name. All the items in our collection are well tested and meant for best performance. Live happily buying accessories from our BMW Z1 series accessories collection. We have the right tablet to releif your tension. Just get it and start to make it happen. We are quick in order processing and will ensure delivery in days at your address. Online shopping of cheap BMW parts is easy and convenient for every one visiting our BMW Z1 series accessories collection. So, keep shopping now!