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BMW Z1 Body Kits OEM and Aftermarket

BMW Z1 Body Kits OEM and Aftermarket

With the aim to launch more roadstar series cars, the BMW Z1 series was introduced in 1989-1991 season.the cars that the series produced were constructed on the platform of BMW E30. 2.5L BMW M2 0B25 16 engine was used for the BMW Z1 series. the cars possessed the height of 48 inches, width of 66 inches and a length of 154 inches. The main aim for the designing was to give a balance weight to the car. The Z1 series cars are two seater cars with a downward open. A sum of 8000 cars were produced, of which the maximum amount of cars were sold out in European countries like- Germany, Italy, France. The manufacturer of the series first reveal their concept of the BMW Z1 series at the Frankfurt Motor Show. The performance features and the attractive out look keep adding more pour to the chilled and thrilled world of automotive admirers. The exvagenza effect created by BMW Z1 series for its use and applications of modern and advanced like reflexive lacquer finishes, removable plastic body parts from xenoy thermoplastic, Z axle give it a surreal sensation. Admirers as well as experts came to explore more of the uniqueness of the series. it was so heart throbing that it was featured in jackie chan films for times. Maintaining your car body is of great importance to keep your car throb the hearts of others. A body of any automobile is made from different invidual parts and equipments. While you try to style up your car or change its look; you need to ensure all its body parts, kits, equipments are rightly in place in proper order and none of them are low quality but the original items. There are Bonnets, Radiator core supports, Cowl screens, Bumpers, Unexposed & Exposed bumpers, Fascia supports, Fender, mudguard, Front clips, Front fascia and header panels, Grille, Hatches and boot/trunk lids, Hood, bonnet, Pillards and hard trims, Rear fascia, Roof racks, Spoiler Front & Rear and welded assemblies that combine in a car body. You need to buy them from your trusted supplier who can only provide you original equipment manufacturer kits and parts of similar qualities with affordable prices. You need to visit our collection of BMW Z1 series body kits as we are offering the same. And we deliver our products in days. We test our products regularly and gear our customer service with expert helps online all the time. If you have any requirements for BMW Z1 series body kits, our BMW Z1 series body kits collection is the best source of unparallel qualities of parts and equipments. If you have not yet explored it, browse our BMW Z1 series body kits collection now.