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BMW Z1 Car Audio Video OEM and Aftermarket

BMW Z1 Car Audio Video OEM and Aftermarket

BMW Z1 series roadsters come with 6 cyliner, four stroke 16 valve BMW M2 0B25 engine that sets flat with the flat under tray of the body. It give robust speed and energy to the car to perform from high to higher levels with its 160 horsepower and 218 Nm torque that can be shooted further to a speed level of 250 kilometers per hour by adding performance parts. The engine is real wonder for its bore and stroke ratio that indicates 3.3 inches and 3 inches in total with fixed body size of height 44 length 154 and width 66 inches respectively. The engine is mounted with Z axle suspension system which is pioneer in suspension solution for automobiles. The integrated venting with carburator, air intakes, coild springs, wishbones the BMW Z1 engine thrives in making best use of aerodynamics in favor of the car while on run. The great feature that place the car as a stand alone piece is its own originality which has slight interior similarities with 3 series but completely based on its performance. The disc braking system installed in the car are very effective in pulling and pushing your car while on run. You can reach 60 miles per hour velocity right from ignition in nine seconds. BMW Z1 has more chilling features that can keep you wondering all the time. The car audio video system must be specially mentioned here. The BMW Z1 series car audio video are excellent entertainment devices that deliver finest quality clear sounds and video images and gets you plugged to any FM radio band constantly no matter how rough roads you are driving in. These car audio video system comprised with speakers, tuners, twiters, surround technology, CD player, video display monitor, radio and so on; are custom made for the brand. In case you need to replace your present car audio video system for some reasons you need to find the original BMW Z1 car audio video to keep your entertainment at same chilling and exciting level. Getting the BMW Z1 car audio video from BMW affiliated stores is really expensive. And most of us instead prefer to get something of same and similar qualities but at affordable rate. If you are with such requirement then you must visit our BMW Z1 series car audio video without any delay. Because we source our products from the suppliers of the brand directly. We get their excessively produced stocks cleared and offer the same to you at much better price keeping the quality at same level like the original. This allows our customer to get a all win buying and makes them happy to the last. If you have any requirements for any of the parts, kits, equipments and accessories related to your automotive entertainment, visit our BMW Z1 series car audio video collection right now. We have filled our collection with stunts that will really entice the world of everyone with their performance and quality and price sensation.