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Corner Lights

BMW Corner Lights

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BMW Z1 Corner Lights OEM and Aftermarket

BMW Z1 Corner Lights OEM and Aftermarket

BMW Z1 is unique of its own standards and especialities. If we list the special aspects of the car, we will get lots of things to consider and understand. Firstly, this was the first car to come with a removable body panel. Its seams were all zinc welded. The car body came along with a flat composite undertray and first time with drop down doors. Though the engine parts have some similarities with E30, especially for gearbox, front suspension; the BMW Z1 is still original of its own. The completely removable from chasis the plastic made body was used in making the car. The technology used to make the side panels and doors are known as Xenoy thermoplastic, which is offcourse an advance technological integration. Apart from using the xenoy thermoplastic technology, BMW Z1 series have used other advanced technologies like GRP to produce the hood, roof cover and trunk. Even the painting done on the car body was special that gives flexible lacquer finish. BMW always kept the door open for customization of their car. They have produced additional panels with different colors. So anyone wishing to change the color or look of his car can easily do so by changing the plastic made body panels in an unbelievable 40 minutes. Again, they always want to exploit the aerodynamics to the own benefit of the car. Therefore BMW Z1 comes with integrated flat udertray, silencer and rear valances that consistently reduced turbulence and rear lifting. There are many features of BMW Z1 series and we must also talk about its corner lgihts as well. The neon based lighting used in this car was in the first row of the league. But later modifications keep going with the corner lights and excellent adjustments are made. it was like the corner lights were the cherry on top of cake for the car. If you have any requirement for corner lights please do not forget to check our BMW Z1 series corner lights collection. We have designed it with all lighting elements and you can find exactly the same product you want. All items including Centre High Mount Stop Lamp, Engine bay lighting, Fog lights, foglamps, Halogens, Headlights, Headlamps, Headlight motors, Interior lights and lamps, License plate lamps, number plate lamps, registration plate lamps, Side lighting, Tail lights and Tail light covers in out collection are well tested and perform like the original or OEM version. Therefore we can offer our customers competitive price without any cost of quality. If you need any corner lights, or lighting accessories, keep browsing our BMW Z1 series collection, you will find it here. Soon you place order we get the item delivered asap. So, do not waste any more time now, simply keep ordering from our BMW Z1 series corner lights collections.