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BMW Grilles

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BMW Z1 Grilles OEM and Aftermarket

BMW Z1 Grilles OEM and Aftermarket

The BMW Z1 series comes with 6 cylinder, 16 valve four storke inline engine mounted on its front. The series was produced in 1989 to 1991 years while the first public exposure was done in 1986. it was then showed as an extended variation of E30 but the production was totally different with very enticing performance capabilities and technological integration. The car has bore stroke ratio of 3.3 inches: 2 inches. It comes with 170 horse power and 218 Nm torque that can give your 220 Km/H speed which can be further geared by installing performance chips and parts to an astounding 250 KM/H non-electronically. The downward door of the two seater roadster BMW Z1 series have all appealing body parts that are removable and plastic from Xenoy Thermoplastic technologies. The car comes first time with a front mounted Z axle. The flat undertray with McPherson axle, stabilizing bars and coil springs along with diagonal rod arms, topping wishbones ensure complete pleasure driving experience making the best suspension system for the car. Economical fuel consumption will make you run over hundred miles with ten liters of fuel. The fuel tanker have capacity to gallop more than fifty litres with fuel injection electronic feeding. The transmission is 5 speed manual engine. There are lot more associated with the BMW Z1 series that can let the real driving sensation to spar all the direction. The first kind of impression is created from the grilles any auto maker use. It is any auto makers own space to create the cars image and impression. That is the reason you will find that cars from different makers have different grilles and each at their own standard modify their grilles to better display the cars identity. The two seater two door roadster BMW Z1 series comes with greatly designed zinc welded grilles. If you want to get one or replace the grilles of your car; try to get it from the supplier who is offering parts, equipments and accessories exclusively for BMW items. Our collection can be your right destination to make a selection and purchase. We specialize in providing all kinds of parts, accessories and equipments specially for BMW. Our collections of BMW Z1 series grilles have all the items that you may need. We maintain proper balance of them so soon you place an order you start getting it to your home address. Our BMW Z1 series grilles have collection that are originally from their real maker and offer same qualities. You can also collect our own made grilles from the collection which are tested by automobile experts to be of same quality performance. They will satisfy your need and meet your demands all the way like the original BMW Z1 series grilles. You cannot miss our collection as our fine stocking will get the right good delivered to your address at right time. Enjoy!