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BMW Suspension

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BMW Z1 Suspension OEM and Aftermarket

BMW Z1 Suspension OEM and Aftermarket

Produced in 1989-1991, BMW Z1 series has 6 cylinder – inline engine that is four stroke and front mounted. With a bore and stroke ration of 3.3 inches and 2 inches the BMW Z1 series can reach 170 horsepower at 5800 rpm while the torque reaches 218 NM just in 4800 rpm. The compression ratio is kept well in 8.8 to 1. The fuel tank capacity of BMW Z1 series is 57 liters with electronic fuel injection feeding system. The valve train of the BMW Z1 series I SOHC toothbelt with water cooling system. The gear box is 5 speed manual rear wheel drive with axle ratio of 3.64:1, which is one of its own kind and first time introduced and better known as Z-Axle. McPherson axle, coil springs and stabilizing bars are used in the front suspension of BMW Z1 series while its rear suspension includes lower training diagonal rod arms, topping wishbones, coils springs as well as stabilizing bar. The car braking system used in BMW Z! series is disc brake with ABS and power assisted. The power steering is rack and pinion based. The highest speed of the car is 220 Km/H, while testing it reached 62 mph in 9 seconds and with the aid of performance chips this can reach to 250Km/H at shorter time. You would need some ten litres of fuel to run over hundred miles. All these salient features makes the car a great one. This is the reason as more than the half of entire production of this series were ordered even before BMW was thinking to set a production line. Offcourse this is a success milestone for BMW. The success for BMW greatly stood on its suspension capabilites which were geared for better driving experience and pleasant riding. A car’s suspension system is the collection of series of smaller elements, parts, kits, accessories and equipments. In case someone wishing to replace the suspension system he must ensure that all that elements of the suspension system, i.e; Tie bars, Tie rods, Tie rod ends, Trailing arms,Beam axles, Control arms, Idler arms, Kingpins, Panhard rods, Pinions,Stabilizer bars and links, Steering arms, Steering boxes, Steering column assemblies, Steering racks, Steering shafts, Steering wheels, Struts, Stub axles, Suspension links and bolts, Pitman arms,Power steering assemblies and components,Rack ends,Shock absorbers,Spindles,Springs,Air springs,Coil springs,Leaf and parabolic leaf springs,Rubber springs and Spiral springs are right from their original maker or atleast performs at same level. Unless you get the original suspension or something that performs equally to the original you cannot stay clam and cool. Our collection of BMW Z1 series suspensions is the right place visiting which and buying from it can give you complete relief for conversion and replacement worrries. We get them from their actual maker, we clear their excess stocks and offer the same to you at unbeatable prices. We are the best and supply the best. Check it yourself.