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BMW Z4 Car Alarm OEM and Aftermarket

BMW Z4 Car Alarm OEM and Aftermarket

The German car manufacturing company BMW is manufacturing special brand of sports car BMW Z4. The BMW Z4 is not the remodeling of the Z3 series but completely a new series. The Z4 sports cars are manufacturing during 2002-2008. However, all the parts of Z4 first generation sports car are produced in Germany but the Z4 sports car assembled at Spartanburg, United States. It is a fashionable, luxury and stylist sports car in the world. The body style of the Z4 is 2-door roadster and 2-door coupe. The layout and design developed using the FRM layout for Z4 sports car. The FMR layout is used for manufacturing the Z4 car. There are various types of engines used for manufacturing this car. The world renowned 2.2 L M54B22 I6 engines are used for this Z4 sports car. The 5/6 manual transmission and 5/6 automatic transmissions are incorporated in the series. The best quality wheelbase 2495 mm (98.2 inches) is used here. The space of this sports car is adequate and regally decorated. The length of the sports car is 4,090 mm (161.0 inch), width is 1,780 mm (70.1 in) and the height of this car is 1,300 mm (51.2 inch). The fuel capacity is 55 L (14.5 US gal; 12.1 imp gal). Latest technology and best quality of materials are used for this Z4 sport cars. Even the car alarms used in this car series are also especial. The alarm system is so unique and complete that you can get lots of information and indications. Z4 being the super car the manufacturer have installed super car alarm system in it. You can get indication and readings of interior and exterior temperature, airflow pressure, compression pressure, ignition parameters, mudguard status, outside simulation, weight balance, driving sensitivity and so on. It really installed a computer based automation system in the car that will keep making sounds, flashing and display you about any kind of abnormalities. Even thieves touching the car can also be indicated and alarm. The siren system is made not to broadcast odd sounds. It will compel the thieves to run away with life. The remote guiding and controlling is another aspect of the Z4 series car alarms that is proved to be the best kind of it. If you do not have any such car alarm system installed in your car yet, get one now. Remember you barely can find such super car alarms everywhere. You need to go to special places and suppliers who have fame for supplying the best parts and equipments for the brand. You right thinking of us as we provide the best parts, accessories, equipments for your car. Check our BMW Z4 series car alarms collection to find the most suitable one for your car. Stay protected now!