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BMW Corner Lights

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BMW Z4 Corner Lights OEM and Aftermarket

BMW Z4 Corner Lights OEM and Aftermarket

The BMW Z4 is a rear wheel drive sports car manufactured by German Car maker BMW. The series is also called Land Shark. The BMW Z4 replaces the Z3 series. The Z4 sports cars were produced during 2002-2008. The Z4 sports car assembled at Spartanburg, United State of America. It is a luxury and stylist sports car. The body style of the Z4 is 2-door roadster. The FMR layout is used for manufacturing the Z4 car. There are various types of engines those are used for manufacturing this car. The 2.0L engine is used for this car. This is one of best engines for sports car. The transmission of this car is 5/6 manual and 5/6 automatic. The wheelbase is 2495 mm (98.2 inch). The length of the Z4 car is 4,090 mm (161.0 inches), width is 1,780 mm (70.1 inches) and the height of this car is 1,300 mm (51.2 inch) (roadster). The fuel capacity is 55 L (14.5 US gal; 12.1 imp gal). The group of highly professional technical team manufactures the Z4 sports cars. The best quality materials are also used in this car. The fuel consumption rate comparatively lesser then other sports car. The price of Z4 sports car is also reasonable. Therefore, the demand of Z4 sports car is increasing day by day in the market. The corner lights are another factor that keeps pushing the demand curve upward for the brand. This special car comes with unique corner lights that glow to dazzle the surrounding. Once you come under these lights, you will experience an alluring world right from utopian state. Whatever be the level of darkness or at whatever time in the night we put the keys for ignition, the corner lights will remain with you as your true and only friend. We are not over promoting the lights. If you want to believe and experience the distinctive difference of these corner lights, visit our fantastic collection of BMW Z4 series corner lights where we have furnished most high performing future bulbs. Yes, it is not complement but true fact. These bulbs are especially developed from the laboratory involving extensive research of world famous illumination technology scientists. They are priced higher in any brand affiliated stores. But we charge you lesser price for a quality unparallel for all. We get these super power and high performing corner lights from their sole manufacturer as under the after market sales right agreement. This is the reason we can clear the stocks of excess for those manufacturers and give you, our respected customers, sensational pricing. We have all kinds of corner lights of any source and genre. You can get various colors, shapes and sizes of bulbs and lights from our BMW Z4 series corner lights. Our BMW Z4 series corner lights collection is no less than a real bazaar!