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BMW Suspension

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BMW Z4 Suspension OEM and Aftermarket

BMW Z4 Suspension OEM and Aftermarket

BMW Z4 series is special for number of reasons. For the first time in this series the car maker have switched to a new layout principle known as FMR layout. Previously they were used to deliver car models and series based on FR layout. For the first time this series have received twin turbo-charged engine. It is not only first time inclusion of the twin turbo-charged engine for the series but also for entire production line. For the first time the length and width of the roadster concept grew larger than its any previous models. There are lots of factors that made the series stand alone, one of its kind. For the first time a seven speed automatic transmission system is installed and incorporated in BMW Z4 series. This is the first type of transmission system ever introduced and made publicly available. Still today there are no other auto makers offering seven speed transmission system. Again, by offering E89 model, for the first time the automaker tried to contemplate the concepts of luxury, sports car into a roadster. This series production received total nine types and kinds of engine variants from its starting of production in 2002 till todate. Its suspension systems are also different. We all know the BMW uses special multilinking suspension systems to most of its product lines. But for this prestige roadster they have gone few steps ahead. They put scientifically proven most advanced category of suspension systems that come with components like Beam axles, Control arms, Idler arms, Kingpins, Panhard rods, Pinions, Pitman arms, Power steering assemblies and components, Rack ends, Shock absorbers, Spindles, Air springs, Coil springs, Leaf and parabolic leaf springs, Rubber springs, Spiral springs, Struts, Stub axles, Suspension links and bolts, Tie bars, Tie rods, Tie rod ends and Trailing arms. The Z4 series even did not used the front and rear mounted Z-axle that BMW used in most of its product lines. Therefore whenever you need to buy the entire suspension system or parts of it for your BMW Z4 series, try to make deal with most reliable of parts suppliers of the world. We are the most reliable BMW cheap parts supplier of the world. Our collection shows all OEM items and items of same performance quality. We show no tolerance on quality considerations. We have gained exclusive after market rights for these products from their sole manufacturer. That is why we first offer the quality then get the price down to ease and smoothen your buying. Check out our BMW Z4 series suspension collection now. Place orders for your required items. Take help of our online support service to get your worries resolved in shortest time. Get things in intact shape and size at your door. We mean most convenient and cheap buying you with our BMW Z4 series suspension collection.